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Thread: Hcg

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    hey bros, how much HCG are you using during your cycles ?
    i use it athroughout the whole cycle (but for first week and last 2 weeks ) to keep me fertile all through the year...what about you ?

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    ive never used it and probably never will

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    i did two shots, four days apart, just 1000U mid cycle. the first one i did IM and it hurt like HELL. the second i did subq and was far less painful. my nuts came right back to normal! personally i liked the stuff (and so did my nads).

    here's a handy link on hcg and clomid from another board:

    btw, briefly, my cycle was test cyp/deca /winny 8 weeks (arimidex throughout and clomid at end).

    good luck bro.
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