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    Exclamation started T3 yesterday!

    I decided to finally hit the t3 even though im not on AS, i am going to use mallets 7/5 split but in this first seven day peroid i am testing the water i started out with 50mcg on day 1 measured my RT this mourning and did not rise so this mourning i took 100mcg! so now i will see what it is tommarow mourning if i need more i will just go 200mcg, i know i should be starting out with 1mcg per lb of BW like mallet advises but i do not want to overdose on it if i am one that can not use that much (i do not want to exceed 98.8 RT) my current BW is 230lbs but i will find out this 7 day cycle and then i will know for the next 7 dayer.
    i have took before pics and when i get to were i want to be i will then take afters and post them on this board for you all to see what kind of progress i got out of it.

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    let me know how that works, for you bro

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    Good luck beef! your temp will begin to rise...If your testing the waters with the first run there's no real problem with running past the 7 days till you find the optimal range for next time, just keep an eye on your RT.

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