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    D-bol & blood pressure PLEASE READ

    Just thought I share this info as it may also help others. Before I started my cycle(d-bol,tren test p) I had my BP taken. All was good 120/78. 2 wks ago. I started only low dose of 15mg ed 1st 5 days,then bumped up to 20mg for another 5 days. From then till present 30mg (my max design). I also started injecting. Well yesterday I hurt my back lifting a 50" tv(my work)but did everything right. I started hurting shortly after. Its painfull & felt like a sublux of disk. I know the feeling because I done it before lifting. So I have appointment with a chiropractor . But I also notice my lower back is puffy kidney area. So now im not so sure it was caused by my lift.(although may of contributed) I know D-bol increase BP so I checked my BP was 149/84 which is considered mild hypertension! So I purchased a blood pressure monitor for $60 @ wal-mart to continue monitoring. I also decided to lower my dose back to 15mg to see what happens. The moral of the story is INVEST IN A BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR! IT MAY BE LIFE SAVING THERES A REASON WHY ITS CALLED THE SILENT KILLER p.s. Im a experienced lifter & excellent health just goes to show it can happen to anyone

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    Good job bro, better safe than sorry. JMO

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    i will look into buying a monitor...i usually just go to cvs whenever i can and use the free one they have their...never had bp issues, always 120/80, but will monitor during cycle

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    i had mine check yesterday and it was 140/90 amnd my pulse was 100 they really didn't say much more about it.

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    Reading this thread made me check my BP, as it has been somwhat high before while on AAS. My rents have one of those home BP monitors. The arm wrap is way too small for my arm though, which will apparently throw off the readings.

    The thing said my BP was 166/116 with a heart rate of 162! I have my disbeliefs

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    Very good to monitor. Some people it effects more than others based on genetics. For me it was raised slightly but went back down after I discontinued. I would not use it if I already had high BP at the start.

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    I have a BP monitor too. It's worth the money.

    If you don't want to buy one, find a free BP monitor in the supermarket near your pharmacist. Many have them for free. Just make sure you bring some alcohol to wipe off the cuff. No one cleans them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnabolicMaster
    The thing said my BP was 166/116 with a heart rate of 162! I have my disbeliefs
    I would definetly make 100% sure it isnt that high, and that heartrate can be verified easily by counting your pulse. Dont mess around with that bro. We need you here for the next 100 years to teach us your outstanding math skills. Seriously, get that blood pressure checked.

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