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    Arrow how to inject EPO?

    what is the correct way to inject EPO? is it subq, im, or directly into a vein?

    i was also reading that it is injected 3 times a week at 2,000iu's at a time now that CANT be right! thats 10 1cc slin pins full at one single administration!!!!!! it must be 200iu's right can someone clarify this!

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    ml's are dependent on iu/ml concentration. it varies. insulin is standard at 100ius/ml though.

    IM injections..but make sure you know everything there is to know about it, make sure its appropriate for you, make sure you get RBC checks very frequently! EPO can kill you if you dont know what your doing, and I would venture to say its more dangerous than DNP and Insulin, or the potential for danger that is.

    IMO I wouldnt even use it. Vit B-12 shots/ EQ should be plenty to raise your RBC some

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    so if EPO is injected IM, what size pin is normally used? same as AS? 23,25g??

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    it's 1500 i.u 3 times a week for first 3 weeks. And that depends on your starting hematocrit Then taper off to maitain hematocrit. if you're asking about this chit bro you ain't close to being ready to do this.

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