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    Exclamation Help

    HI everyone...

    I know I'm gonna get some bad replies to this but I have to ask...

    I don't mean to desrespect anyone but I was wondering something...

    If i can get hep from MODs to check if a source is legit, how can I know for sure the MOD is not a cop or DEA? and if I get I source from a mod or higher how do I know they are not conected to DEA or something??

    I have always had the issue of trust. Is hard for me to trust expecialy with something like this.

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    if you dont know any sources, its a chance your going to have to take.. ur other option- go jk

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    Your taking the chance in using why not go all the way

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    Trust is some thing that you will build over time.. I mean look you have 7 posts here, stick around get to know some people...

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    How do you know your source isn't connected to the DEA? How do we know you aren't connected to the DEA? If you are worried about it don't do a source check.

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