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    was up guys,

    I am looking for a lean mass cycle with no bloat. Looking to gain about 10-15 pounds. I do not want to use test or tren . Test always bloats me up even with Idex.( even prop). Which one would you do if you had to choose one and why.

    1-12 EQ 400mg
    1-12 PRIMO 300mg


    1-12 DECA 400mg
    1-12 PRIMO 300mg

    thanks for your advise

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    If those were my only two choices then I would do EQ and primo because deca is going to shut you down hard plus many experience bloat from it.

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    If you where my freind I would take your steroids away. And give them back to you when you show me a few Testosterone vials!!!!

    First question. Do you want to grow!!! If not do what ever!!! I dont see the need to take steroids if you dont want to get big but what ever. You can accomplish weight loss, muscle harding, and underwear model appearances legally!!!!!!!!!

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