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    Question Best time of day?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a better time of day to take fast acting anabolics like test prop or anti E's (nolva, liqidex).

    Also, does anyone seperate the time when injecting the test from the time they take anti E? (Do you take both your juice and Anti E's at the same time?)

    Example: Inject 75 mg of test prop in the AM and take .25 mg of liquidex at lunch and 10 mg of Nolva before bed?

    Is there any benefit to seperating administration and blood/hormone levels?

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    i don't think it makes much of a difference when you do either as long as you keep to your cycle plan and not skip days, that'll put your blood levels out of whack.

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    take um all @ the same time.....but stay consistant everyday

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    Anti e's are best if taken in the morning,on an empty stomach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Bull
    Anti e's are best if taken in the morning,on an empty stomach.
    good call! i never thought of that...i shoot at night so i just take them and b6 then...but this way i can get more in to my system...ill start taking in the morning

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