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    Is it the Timeing? or the number of mg.?

    I did some testing back in college with prop. and ran some fake Sus. I have also tried Deca and Winni, but the winni was fake. I have not had a huge amount of luck! I am 26 220, and have been training for 10 years 5 years hard core. I now have EQ 300mg vp labs and Infer sus.... I've started to take both at 1cc of eq and 1cc of sus every 5 days? I felt this would be enough but I think that I need to do the sus every 3 days???? What do you guys think. I've also noticed that I am zero horny.... Girlfriend is piss'd with very little gains. I know the stuff if real, but should I wait a bit more for it to kick in or up the injections to every 3 days.

    I'm on my 4 injection tomorrow.??????

    Thanks Guys

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    every 5 days is too infrequent with the sust. i would go every other day with it

    also, you have only injected 4 times. give it some time before you start complaining.

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