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    Effective age when you stop gaining...?

    What do you guys suspect is the age when you would stop putting on muscle? I realize that everyone is different but minus any usage of gear...when do you think that most people stop gaining?

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    you can gain as long as you train hard and eat right. getting old is just an excuse people use for being lazy. i guess in your late 70's maybe.

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    Do we really ever stop? Regular supplementation has been helping many people for years. Without Gear yes its possible.

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    It's a simple fact that men begin to stop producing testosterone AND GH sometime in their 40's or 50's; sometimes this can happen even earlier, in the 30's. When that happens, the obvious occurs: loss of lean tissue, gain of adipose tissue, etc, etc. -- no matter how hard you push yourself in the gym, if your body is not making enough test to hold up the muscle you have, guess what? It's an uphill battle.

    This is one reason why every man who is over 40 should have the right to easy, cheap access to both of these necessary hormones.

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