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    a cycle of just finaplex?

    I've been reading, and asking questions, about getting my first cycle in order. I've gotten a bunch of different suggestions, thanks guys. I read in the "cycles for the novice" section about an 8 week cycle of finaplex. I then went to look it up in the drug profiles, and only saw finaplix , same stuff? I was wondering if an 8 week cycle at 30m/week would be a good "introductory" cycle. Also read that you can apply it to the skin-does this work as well as injecting?

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    Lots of threads on Fina, for newbies most don't suggest it as it's harsh on the liver.
    30mg/week wouldn't be enough. Most people run fina at 70-100mg/ED or even EOD.
    As for applying it trasdermally opposed to injecting it, it can be done but is only about 80% effective, injecting 100%. Mix it with say DMSO PhloJel or Nandro spray I hear works also.

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    not a beginner steroid , start off with deca , eq and or winstrol

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    Bro, you will fall in love with fina like I have. Since you are a beginner not many will tell you to do it. I waited until my fifth cycle to do it. I was nervous about the "side effects" that everyone says about fina and taking the homebrew. My first of fina went 6 weeks and the second for eight. My advice like all others will be to wait. Fina in most is an ed injection, are you ready to be a pincushion on your first cycle? You need to really take care of your body during the cycle. Your diet, herbs (cranberry, milk thistle), and water are very important. Ask yourself can you handle the aggresiveness associated with fina (this occurs in me and many others I have spoken to)? Fina will be good to you if you are good to it. Do more research on beginning cycles because you will always remember your first.

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