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Thread: lab testing

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    lab testing

    might sound dumb, but what the hell, i havent been able to get any supra pics to see so what do u all think of me gettin tests done out of the bottle at say the city labs like where u get blood/drug/ect..tests done?? im tryin to get some verification before i turn myself into a "bottle of salad dressing"

    although i have gained 5 lbs already this week "week 1" on 600mgs deca and 750 mgs test, im gonna drop it to 300 and 500 respectivly next week and the rest of the 8 or so weeks. what do u think??


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    CutieFace Guest
    testing is expensive and if you got your products from a reputable source then you really don't have much to worry about..


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    I think you should stick with one dosage and continue it throughout the cycle ...and you shouldnt have jumped into it if you werent sure about it at all bro...put it at 300 and 500 and stick with that ...see how your gains go and eat good and clean

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