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Thread: How long!

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    Post How long!


    Just joined but I've been following this site for a while. Now for the formalities:-

    Weight:- 220
    Height : 6'
    Chest : 51
    waist :33
    Arms :18
    Legs :26 (They suck, working on them though!)
    Calfs :16 1/2

    Training experiance:- 6 years clean, now 21 years old.

    Prevoius cycle experience: D-bol once for 8 weeks, little pink babbies which I love dearly!

    4 weeks ago I started a D-bol/Sust cycle. 4 weeks D-Bol at 30mgs ED and Sust 250, 1 amp a week.

    So far I've gained about 12Lbs, and these came in the first 2 weeks. I don't beleive the Sust has kicked yet as I have'nt gained a single pound in the last to weeks, with minimal streangth gains.

    My question is:- Is there a lag period from taking the Sust to when it kicks in, or is the dose too low for my bodyweight?

    Anything else you guys need to know, just ask.

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    Right next door.
    dose too low bump sus up to 500mg a week

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