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    Gear and Dieting........

    i've never dieted before while on gear. all of my previous cycles were bulking cycles. i enjoy the bulky look. however the bulking cycles have taken their toll on the gut. all the extra fat i've gained now needs to be stripped. could someone help me with designing a cutting cycle, including cals breakdown.
    i was doing some researching and "some" of you insist that you can take test, dbol and even a50 and still loose fat. is this a good idea? i mean if i keep the cals at around 2500 and a high amt of protein, i guess in theroy i would loose fat and gain a little muscle.
    I have access to everything except dnp ,halo.
    so someone help a bro out here. oh yeah, i'm 5'8, 205lbs, 27yrs, done about 6 cycles.

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    I dont know about dieting. You need all those calories but you can eat healthier. Lots of small meals of healthy food.

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    As for Gear, I would go with EQ, Winny & and some kind of test
    But the key is diet, diet and diet(low carb, hight protein, med, fat)
    thats my 2 cent

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    The gaol you are looking for is caloric deficit. Whereas you are using more calories throughout the day than you are taking in. Most any type of gear can assist in weight loss due to it's makeup. IMO, as long as you are keeping your protein intake high, your body should use fat deposits for fuel than muscle. You should really ues Tobeys posts on caloric intakes on the ed threads to determine your caloric needs and you can then implement a diet program from there. If you need help with it, do Tobeys posts on the calories and PM me with the maintanece calories needed per day for you and I'll design a cutting diet for you. PEace

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    1 - 10 wks Eq @ 400-600mg
    1 - 6 wks Winny @ 50mg ed
    1 - 6 wks Deca @ 200 mg (Just for the joint pain)
    6 - 10 wks anavar @ 40-60 mg ed
    6 - 10 wks Primo 50-100mg ed
    clomid post cycle...

    If it was me....Along with sound advice of diet form others...

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    no need for mega doses in my openion
    may be 400 primo+350 winny
    u can use som t3;75 mcg,t4 300 mcg
    eca stack would be great,i wont bother with clen wich burn nothing compared to eca (my personal humble openion)
    and if you are rich then get some HGH and end the story.
    2800 cal,280 ptn,the rest carbs and as low as 20 g of fats
    don't believe the high fat shit.
    good luck

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    IMO I think it's a kinda waste takin' D-bol,Drols, and Deca on a restricted diet but I know a lot of guys who do it still and manage to pull it off.

    I gotta go with the Synergy Cycle on a resticted diet.Winny and Tren all the way!!!!!

    Just my .02, and my first post as well!! Greetings all !!!!

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