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Thread: trip south

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    trip south

    New to the site and am looking for a little help. I have been contemplating a trip south and was wondering if any one here has made the trip and what I can expect. My main reason was that I am tired of paying the mark up for gear on the internet. Unless anyone wants to give out a cheap internet site.... Thanks for any help

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    I hear just stay away from tourist cities where there are a lot of fakes. Stash it well and don't act like your doing anything wong. Good luck Bro.


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    sniper you have a pm

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    watch out for the Federales! the fuckers got me but i just gave them cash and got out with my stuff. they're fucking crooks!! If you have a clue what you're looking for you'll find what you need no problem as there are lots of legit products. Smaller packages are harder to fake than large ones. Go look at pics of what you plan on getting, and find out what you should pay. I saved a ton of money b/c i bargained and bought big quantities. You can make deals if you're smart.

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