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Thread: Test???

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    I am still new at this but when I looked into test like I was tolded. It ssays on this site that it should not be used until weaker stuff loses its effect on the body. This is will be my virgin run so I want to do it right, cause I only want to do it once, or twice at the most. Please pipe in. Also just to get this right I take 10mg of Nolva a day and clomid for pct anyone know about how much?? and how long?
    Mr. Sinister

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    All those questions you asked have been answered a thousand times plus! It sounds like you've not even done the most basic research into AS or cycleing. Do some reading on this board and don't just do what ppl say blindly or you could wind up screwing up your first cycle or worse.

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    what righton said is very true

    take 10mg nolva e/d during cycle
    and 20mg ed during pct

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    Hey some more research....
    CLICK HERE for some novice cycles...
    All decent cycles include is the base....whether it is your 1st, or 5th...

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