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    Question Need HELP FAST!!! worried here very dizzy....

    i am currently on day 6 of my T3 7/5 split cycle, this is how i used,
    day 1 50mcg
    day 2 100mcg
    day 3 150mcg
    day 4 225mcg
    day 5 100mcg
    day 6 50mcg

    i know i should of started out with 1 mcg per pound of bodyweight "mallets cycle" but i wanted to see if i was one that could not handle mauch T3 to be safe this time.
    but this mourning i feel very dizzy and light headed! and its freakin me out.. it started like a few minutes after i took my 50mcg of T3 and latley i have felt very weak and tired since i began T3. i think its the T3! what should i do here its really scaring me bros... i just checked my temp and its 96.4 the same as it was before i started T3 so it cant be high temps...
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    ASSININE dosages.


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