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Thread: SAFE or NOT???

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    Question SAFE or NOT???

    I am going to run a 10 week cycle of 400mg deca 500 test. enanthate plus week 1-4 30mg/d dbol . Could I go right from ending this cycle to another one which will be test suspension and winstrol ???? I am asking cause I dont want to be off for the summer. Dont have time to wait.

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    UP to you bro but I think it is unsafe,I would suggest you get good test's done at the doc to make sure the old liver and kidneys
    are holding up ok ,if you do it ,just my 2c bro

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    I agree with everyone else. From everything i've read and been told, that's not good for your body at all. You should probably get even more OFF time for the ON time. 10 weeks cycle, should equal a good 20 weeks clean. That's just my opinion though. You wanna let your body come back FULLY to it's normal state, that way, the next cycle will be "clean"

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    Enanthat is highly anabolic and androgenic and aromatizes easily but the gains in strenght and pure mass are very good...You should have some arimadex for that reason(just incase you need it)...Deca is pretty safe bet in any cycle...Dbol , however will be a factor in you liver, but if only run for 4 weeks you should survive...

    Now for running two cycles together, I need to ask you how long you plan to run you second cycle...If you are going to run it for 6 weeks or less, I dont think you should have a problem...Anything longer, consider bridging with clomid, or better yet some time off...

    Also is winny injectable or oral???Injectable will be better for your liver...And how much of suspension and winny are you looking to use mg wise....

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by MindBomb

    Also is winny injectable or oral???Injectable will be better for your liver...

    no it wont they are both 17aa so it dosent matter
    you can drink depot

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    safe or not?

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