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    Question about my injection ..

    Hey guys i did my first shot today of sust 250, eq200 in my glute and surprisingly enough it only hurt and felt a little wierd for an hour or two..Shouldnt it be sore for longer? thanks

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    different gear does differnt things to different ppl. my test didnt get me sore for about 6 days, and my first shot didn't ever get me sore. so .. keep that in mind

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    well i started my first cycle three weeks ago and i too was amazed at how it didnt hurt but then i realized I was really pumped and expected more so that could have contributed to it not hurting. The next week you could feel it but still it didnt hurt. Mine get sore but not to the point where it hurts more like annoying than anything. But just what I witnessed Im on sust eod and deca300 1wk

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