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Thread: Clen after PCT

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    Clen after PCT

    I have two left of a 12 week cycle which consisted of d-bol, sus 250 and winny. I kept the diet pretty clean and went from around 244 to 260 lbs. My question is I have never used clen before and was thinking of running it after my PCT is done. Will I lose alot of wieght (didn't gain much water wieght on cycle will i lose muscle) and will I lose my strentgh gains by using the clen and dropping wieght. The purpose of using the clen is to lean out a bit before my next cycle in 12 to 14 weeks. Thanks

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    You can loose up to 10lb in a 2 week cycle with an excellent diet and cardio. Check out Its used as a fat burner and as a PCT. gl

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