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    third cycle help me

    I have ran two cycles and have experience with 500mgs of deca with 600 mgs of test for my first 9 week cycle. And my second cycle was about 975mgs of RSOC drysus a week for 10 weeks. I love to gain good mass which is what I have done. 30 solid pounds in 6 months. I am now setting up a third cycle and am looking for another mass builder. I am considering EQ and tren not at the same time but one or the other possibly and will definetly run test along side them. If you have a good mass building cycle you think would work well for me as a third cycle chime in. I can get most any kind of AS so just help me out. Thanks in advance.

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    Test E 12 wks
    Tren 10 wks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Bull
    Test E 12 wks
    Tren 10 wks
    i agree. i like tren in a mass cycle also because of strength gain.

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    test tren dbol 12/10/4 weeks

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