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    SupraPose (Supra Labs)

    Whats up guys,very new to this site.I was trying to register for a few days for some reason wouldnt let me log in,anyway. Ive been lookin for some sus and eq for my next cycle and i came across a 20ml bottle of suprapose from supra labs.Now ive taken only one cycle before (deca qv 300) good **** and consider myself to know almost alot about juice from research and being around it. So my friend tells me he had eq i was assuming that it was qv but it turned out to be this.Ive done some searches on supra labs and never found anything on supra pose or them even making eq.The reason i purchased it was because ive known him for while from back home and he told me he took some test from supra and it was pretty good.But seriously this **** looks FAKE.I dont wanna be a dick and try to refund it but i must if its fake.Ive just been feenin to get big since my dec cycle i gained about 20 pounds but ive lost alot, now i have to listen to my roomate call me skinny and my girlfriend say wow youve lost some weight,people around here are mostly all semi big and then theirs me.Im not that small,about 175 but thats not to big either.Sorry for rambling on im kinda drunk.I just moved to Orlando from outta state for school and you'd think college town easy to get some gear but its turning out to be a bitch.Im almost to the point of ordering from i got some clomid off them which i thought wasnt gonna come in but im not sure thats the way to go. I dont have that kinda money to waste on some bull**** super test 250 (which is the only sus they have) that ive heard was underdosed plus im not trying to have any legal problems over juice. I cant be that hard to get some quality sus and eq..ahhhhhhh I was going to post some pics of it but it says the pics are 600 something kb and 197 kb is the max.Ill keep working on it post pics as soon as possible but anyone ever heard of this suprapose? THANKS IN ADV.

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    It's spelled suprapoise...It's legit stuff and there are no fakes that I know of...

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    As far as I know its legit bro. I havent heard of any fakes either.

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