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Thread: My Cycle?

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    My Cycle?

    I am currently plotting my next cycle. I am 6'2 245... i am loosing weight right now with the help of ephedrine and canned meat. I was weighing in at 265... so i have droped 20 pounds.. i can start in about 4 weeks from now... i am planing on ordering some EQ to go with the 20ml of test400 that i already have. I am hoping that this cycle will promote size and hard mucle gain. any sugestions one wich i should start first the EQ or the Test?

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    is this your first cycle?

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    You should give more info about yourself, such as cycle experience and age....

    But, if your going to run Test and EQ... With the info I know (which is pretty much nothing)... All I can say is that you should start them both at the same time, and the cycle should be at least 12 weeks long. I would also start that cycle with a good oral, d-bol or drol...

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    need info, cycle history, and other stats

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