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    Old school OMNADREN

    Hi guys, think im gonna order a load of omnidren to stack with primo and winnie. My concern is that it might turn out to be old school 'michelin man' omnadren , how likely is that in the U.K? How long has omnadren been the same as sustenon? Also what is the go with fakes? If for example, if my primo turns up and it is fake, do I just sling it or do I take 'em and hope that it is a 'good' fake?

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    If "sling" means sell, i have some advice for you about selling fakes. Don't do it. Only people who want to get their ass kicked by a roid raged lunatic holding a baseball bat that has travelled 1,500 miles would do so would something like that.
    If "sling" means inject, don't do that either. Post the pictures, and then throw them out. better yet, if they are fake, got to where you got them from and get your money back, but let us know either way.

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