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    Thinking of pushing back my cycle...opinions?

    Hey guys, I was planning on starting my next cycle, standard prop/win/eq lean mass cycle, in two weeks, but I'm thinking about pushing it back a bit. I have not done a cycle since last summer, and since then most of my gains have been small but definately well appreciated. I was all set to go on the formentioned cycle until I recently have been seeing some rather decent natural gains, especially in my shoulders. My body weight has remained rather stable, but I have been seeing some good cuts and strength gains. I started working a manual labor job at the beginning of June and believe this may have something to do with it? After talking to several guys at the gym, I have been given several opinions. Two being: 1. I should wait on the cycle until I am noticing less natural gains; and 2. If I am seeing good natural gains, adding my cycle on top of those gains may result in some crazy ass results. I'm thinking of going with option 1 but before I made a decision I wanted to hear what everyone here had to say. Opinions are much appreciated. Thanks!

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    the general feeling is that gear shouldnt be used till you hit your natural potential, so clearly if you're seeing natural gains, you should hold off on the gear till you stop growing.

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    1st thats cool. Must be a labor position that you raise your arms high if your shoulders are getting bigger. Anyways, my thought is hold off the cycle. Its only speculation that AAS will be better. Why screw up what seems to be working? If this is a season job will the winter be slower? Maybe than you can start. You ask for opinions I gave you mine

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