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    Help with current cycle ( No Dbol)

    Its my 5th cycle.. It goes like this..
    W 1-13, 550mg test e
    W 1-12, 400mg EQ
    W 10-15 50mg winny tabs..
    W 1-15 10mg nolva
    W 15-18 clomid

    Ok this is where I need help with.. I was planing on doing 40mg of dbol for the first 2 weeks, but I dont got any dbols.. I just finished the 1st week today, week 2 starts tomorrow.. I can still get some dbols but they wont come in till mid week 3... It is still worth it to take Dbol then for 2 weeks, or not.... I was thinking of mabee adding something else, since the dbols are 'late'... It is my 5th cycle(1st one is 15 months) and I never used any other chemicals other then the listed and dbols... I dont really want to add fina, because of fine dick, but all options are open.. This cycle is to get some lean mass and get cut up.. Im 10% body fat now and looking to gain 5-10lbs and get to 8% body fat, with proper diet and workouts.. What can you guys tell me about Var.. How is that, Is it taken throughout cycle, or in the begining or at the end... Id still like to add something, but what ever it is cant be started till at least week 3-4... I still like the idea about the dbols but I need opinions.. Thanks alot...

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    2 weeks of dbol isn't enough will be in full effect just as you're stopping.No problem to run it 4 weeks tho...that all depends on your goals with this cycle.we all know it's basically used to kick start cycles,but I know guys that use it in the middle and end of cycles as well.

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    Leave the d-bol out and if you want extend the cycle a bit more........ More compounds doesn't mean more gains, or will get your closer to your goals.

    The longer you run EQ the greater your results will be, and you can switch out the Enan for Prop if you like at the end of the cycle

    W 1-13, 550mg test e
    W 1-16, 500mg EQ
    W 14-19 75mg ED Prop
    W 14-19 50mg winny tabs..
    W 1-19 20mg nolva

    Start PCT 3 days after last Prop injection
    Day 1 300mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva
    Day 2 - 30 100mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva
    Day 31 - 32 20mg Nolva

    This is just a suggestion......... you laid your cycle out real nice I would just run it a bit longer.

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