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    birdman22 is offline New Member
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    May 2004

    3 and a half weeks into it... these gains normal?

    taking prop of 1cc ED and 30mg of anavar ED. went to bench today andput up 300 like a joke. when i started on june 5th i did 240 for one struggling. is this normal. also on squat i just put 500 pove ever done was 455 for 5. Also this was only like my 3rd time squattin since starting. normal?


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    PurePower is offline Senior Member
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    depends on how deep you were going while squatting

    Also what is the strength of the prop (mg/ml)?

    I guess the AAS are doing their job.

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    SKiN is offline Member
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    May 2004
    Ya its normal, i was doing about 265 before and about 320 after being 5 weeks into a test only cycle, but i was workin my ass off.

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