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Thread: stomach loss

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    Exclamation stomach loss

    ok here it is i need a bit of help on this im starting my first cycle in two weeks.
    i have a small bit of a belly wich i desperatly need to lose i have good upper abs its just that small bit that needs to go.
    i have stoped lifting now till my cycle im just doing cardio and abs and im on a strict diet.
    what else can i do to loose this quick
    plus when i stary my cycle what are the chances of it getting worse.

    cycle looks a litte bit like this not final yet
    350mg deca p/w
    300mg test p/w
    10 dbol p/d

    any help at all bros much appricated

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    you already posted this?! bah dont dual post it fills the board up

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    Yeah, delete this thread.

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