hight: 6 ft
# cycles: 5

I was taking test ent 750mg , eq 400mg and anabol 30mg week1-3, and hgh 4 iu ed pluse nolva 20mg ed and arimidex 1mg eod, but I got really sick of deyadration and my liver enzyms were very high 200/40 and my uric acid were extremly hig due to blood toxicens, and my doc said that this an early sign of kiddeny failur cuse I didnt drink enough water pluse the high protien diet and propebly the arimidex was too harsh on the kiddeny anyway I stopped every thing for almost 3 weeks and up my water to 5-7 L a day and my cycle got ruined. Last week I did another check up and every thing came back to normal.

Im planing on taking test prop 600mg per week and eq 400mg week Im planing for 8 weeks and Im drinking about 5L of water a day, 2000mg of milk thistle, 1000mg of cranberry, do you think this a safe cycle or should I lower the prop to 400mg, Im use to ed injections and want some fast and safe ester so I can recover from what I had.Any inputs pleas?