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    need help with cycle

    Ok i have 17cc of la test 400 from ppl and 10 ml of EQ... im going to run the cycle with either the eq or the test or both... i need some suggestions with how to use these two in combination... Im thinking test first for 15 weeks then the eq for the last ten stacked with the test for the first 2 weeks.?.?

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    i dont quite understand what you want

    you have 10ml test and 10ml eq?

    well 15 weeks test
    then eq for ten weeks with test for first 2?


    1-13 test
    1-12 eq

    test should be higher than the eq i.e 500mg/wk a week test 500mg eq
    what mg/ml are the bottles?

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    Is the EQ 200mg or 250mg? Doesn't really matter you dont have enough, EQ should be used a minimum of 12 weeks...

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    eq only: no!
    test only: yes!
    test/eq: yes
    i think u need more gear bro...
    there are a lot of threads for "test eq" cycles... have a look around!
    standard dosages are 400-500mg test and 300-400mg eq (eq for at least 11-12 wks for best results!).

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