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    Example cycle, would this be suffecient?

    Im new to this site, but i have been reading the forums for a while now. I've been working out for a couple years now, and I want to try a cycle. I recently got my hands on some QV Enantat 250, and I can also get some Nandrolona 300, which is deca from what i have been reading. I am not wanting to do a hardcore cycle, but I do want results. How long of a cycle should I first try? I plan on just aking the QV test, without the deca. How many cc's/week, and how many weeks should I first use? Im 5-10 and i weigh 155. Also do i need to come down from my cycle with some clomid or related drug?

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    test without deca would be a good idea,


    for 10-12 wks

    and yes, you need to use clomid / nolva for PCT, have a read of Pheednos pct

    run nolva during cycle everyday at 10mg

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