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    May 2004

    Accutane and steroids

    I was woundering if it was ok to start a cycle in the middle of taking Accutane? Plus i have to get my blood checked every month. Would the steroids screw up the results?

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    SKiN is offline Member
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    May 2004
    I heard accutane is very hard on the liver so it would be pretty bad if you were takin any orals... not sure bump for more.....i have some accutane i would like to use

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    Kaleb is offline Associate Member
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    Mar 2004
    I heard that people shouldn't take Accutane and juice at the same time because of the accutane being harsh on the liver. But because some experience depression when coming off steroids and because Accutane has been known to cause depression and suicide it isn't a good combo.

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    Steve is offline Associate Member
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    Im takin accutane while on (Im not recomending it though). I would never use any orals while on accutane

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    in the underground steroid handbook the author says accutane and steroids are a good combo because accutane tends to dry u out a little while steroids tend to make u gain a lot of water weight. accutane doesn't cause deppresion IMO but they linked it to deppresion because a lot of teens took accutane (like me) and some got deppressed but who wouldn't be depressed when your a teen and your face looks like a pepperonni pizza.

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    The next time u go to get your blood checked out....this do this every month before they give your monthly fix of accutane, the doc will see that you are taking something .....he will ask you about this and most likely determine "juice" and take you off one or the other...not both....

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    how are they going to see if you are juicin or not? the reason for the blood test is to make sure cholesterol and triglyceride levels are normal because some experience an increase in those. my doc just prescribed it to me, not sure what to do.

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