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    Just got back from Mexico

    Just got back from mexico (TJ)... there were federalies everywhere...seems there was a huge shoot-out between drug dealers and the Fed troops.. Fifteen people died. The feds were on every corner, I was getting word that the mexican authorities were cracking down on the steroid and meds selling to americans.... with all the feds everywhere i didnt take a chance on getting them myself. Luckily I had a coyote who ran it for me, but has anyone else heard of the mexican govt cracking down on juice? It could have been just the backlash from the shootout the day before but just wanted to see if anyone has heard about it... thanks

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    im going this weekend to stock up on pct. hope they aren't crackin down on them selling roids to us. haven't heard anything about a shootout.

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    Thats not good news

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    I hate goin to mexico, i go to school in las cruses which is about 45 min from jaurez.... Ive personally seen two people get their ass best so bad they died.... GL on your trip

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