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    Question does trenbolone acetate really cause acne(increased oil)??

    hey bros i bought two vials of trembolona 75 qv form mex i wanna add it to my ccyle but am afraid of the the strong androgenic side of it worth trying if i do add it will only be 225mg a week(i know it should be 75mg/day) but its my first time using it and im gonna stack it with sum winny and test should the tren /winny/test get me lean and help loose my lil gut i earned from the first part of my cycle which was test500mg/wk/deca500mgwk/and dbol 30mg wk i took this for 5 weeks im gonna start wk 6t on sunday help me out players

    thanks again for your input

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    Don't waste your fina running it at that low dose bro.It won't do much,or if anything at all for you.At least run it at 50 mgs ED,then you'll get some results.

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    i am doing 75mgs a day and this is my first a precaution i am taking antibiotics and a face cream...and my strength it through the roof...i have a bit of acne on my back..but its worth it bro..and ask yourself if not gettin any bigger is worth the clear skin...

    get some b5 will be fine...

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    For me so far its only mild on my back, but its only been 2 wks. Sunday I bump it up, perhaps then my luck may run out

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    I did tren for 6 weeks at 100mg/EOD
    for the end of my cycle.
    i always get acne from androgens on my arms but with the tren
    it was the worst ever, my back was mild the chest and
    face clear but my arms was full.
    did some antibiotics for two months and now im back to normal.
    I think that as long as you get only a mild acne from it its worth it.
    i loved tren.

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