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    Clen Damages heart and skeletal Muscle

    welll here i go fellow members well clen is used to treat asthma and other lung diseases (not cancer). many people use clen because its pretty ovious that it burns fat BUT may i also add that clen has also caused heart cell death in dogs rats, sheeps and horse, clen has caused heart changes in horses jus my 2 cents imagine what it would do to humans. i used clen but i was aware of this information i rather stick with E.C.A EPHEDRINE CAFFINE ASPRIN

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    i remember reading a thread on that a while back ill c if i can dig it up...

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    An ECA stack causes similar results with respect to heart damage. It doesn't directly damage the heart, nor does clen . It merely causes the heart to work harder/faster for an extended period of time. if you ever get bloodwork done while on clen (or ECA), your CK levels will likely be elevated

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