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    wow im confussed,,lol

    ok now ,what you are saying is that there could be 2,000 mg in the t-200?wow i might need to stick to d-bol cause im gonna inject way too much in

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    G-S Guest
    Dude, you really need to do some research. Seriously. Not flaming ya, but you need to really research what you have got.

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    I think I'm coming in the middle of something, but if your talking about a 10ml bottle. you would have 2000mg total for the whole bottle.

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    T-200 is 200mg/ml of test enanthate . for every one ml (cc), you will have 200 mg of test e. in a 10ml (cc) bottle of t-200, you will get 2000 mg total.

    10ml x 200mg/ml = 2000 mg of test e

    so, 1 full cc of t-200 contains 200mg of test e.

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