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Thread: HGH and age

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    HGH and age

    Whats up guys. I am Currently 23 yrs old about 5'10 or 11 and around 200lbs I have done a few cycles and started thinking about HGH. i know its not really recommended for anyone under 25 because my body is still producing enough **** that I need. My question would be. Would you recommend it if I was only to take small doses? maybe 1.5-2 iu/day? keep it simple.. Reasoning behind this is obviously to grow, but I also had a tendon break in my thumb not too long ago and it almost needed surgery "skiers thumb or 'ulnar collateral tear' ". i was thinking that maybe GH would/could help this out any. I know einstein may have something to say on this.
    Give it to me guys.. Am I too young even at low doses?

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    hmm yes you're too young

    and the doses u measured wont help u grow

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    Taking GH for your thumb?? Get real. At 23yrs your own GH burst is better than what you wish to do. I believe your wishfull thinking needs some reevaluation. Put your thumb in a splint for 6 wks eat, train good luck

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    23 is too young


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