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    Infection problems

    I've been on test prop for 6 weeks now and eq for almost 5 weeks. My problem is that i got a really bad infection in my calf and i've been on antibiotics for 3 weeks now and my calf is finally returning to normal. However, now i have an infection in my left quad. I've had a doc look at it and he said thats its obviously a bacterial infection but without doing a culture he wont know what type. I'm not sure how this keeps happening to me. I use a cotton swab with alcohol on the top of the vile to clean it, a different alcohol swab to clean the site that i'll be injecting and use a clean needle everytime as well as a different needle to draw everytime. The only thing i can think of is that i have some really ****ty gear but i know my source is reliable and all my gear is british dragon.

    So my question is should i stop everything and just call it a loss? I'm not really gaining the weight i wanted to but i'm also doing clen to help lean me out, thats why i chose to do prop instead of another test.I started at 182 around 12%bf and six weeks later i'm at 183 at 10%bf. Thats pretty ****ty to be on two different compounds for 6 weeks at a pretty high dose (100mgs/day of prop and 600mgs./wk of EQ) to see no significant changes and have to be injecting everyday.

    Any help is greatly appreciated,
    Thanks bros.

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    well the compounds you used arent gonna give big gains

    BD is good gear, so as for infection, it could be a case of when youy injected you pushed a hair in too? just a thought as i rea dbaout this being the cause of infection for some guys on another board

    if this is what it is, you could shave the spot

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    Personally, I would stop & do the PCT. Why chance another infection & more antibiotics. There has to be a reason. Another way to look at it is you lost about 3.5lbs of fat and gained almost 5 lbs of muscell. I think thats good for 6 weeks..

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    do your pct. and get some different juice. it could be a bad batch. also i had the same prob with t-400 and finally i listened and got rid of that ****. good luck

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