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Thread: 2nd cycle

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    2nd cycle

    Hey I'm preparig for a second cycle. I didn't know much. My 1st was 250mg sustanon a week, 200mg of deca /week for 9 weeks with out any PCT. tendinitis in my inner elbow(from lifting and doing martial arts ED) prohibited me from being able to liftMy last two weeks , but I continued training martial arts (legs still got huge). I was satisfied (15lbs.), but learned an emmense amount from specically from this forum and my own experience.
    Im preping my second cycle in 4 1/2 months.
    I'm thinking of doubling sustanon to 500mg or replacing it with test (same amount 4-500mg) and replacing deca with equipoise . As well as taking Nolva through process and finishing with clomid. I would like to hear some opinions since you guys are my teachers. Please keep in mind I am a competing Martial artist as well.

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