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Thread: Acne ?'s

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    Acne ?'s

    I'm on my first cycle

    Test E 400 mg/wk
    Nolva 20mg/ed
    Clomid PCT

    My questions are:

    1. What are the chances I will get acne during or PC? Does everybody get it, 50% of AS users get it?, small %?
    2. When to be most watchful for it? (first 4 wks, mid 4 wks, last 4 wks, pct...)
    3. Are there any preventive measures to take to reduce the chances before it breaks out?

    I've searched for threads and found plenty on treating acne after it's broken out but not preventive.

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    Everyone is different..... but I would say a large % of AAS users will see acne in PCT just because of the hormones being whacked out........ A good way to help keep acne from becommind a problem is to run Vitamin B5 through your cycles and past PCT....... If acne isn't a problem now then run 2 to 5g ED.....

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    It really varies from person to person. I for one am very succeptable to it so I would never start a cycle without acne meds. Watch for it the whole cycle, it can start at any time.

    As for preventative measures, Oxy pads, prescription meds have been my freind, B5 has a good rep as well, I look forward to trying that. If it gets real bad go see a derm and they will put you on meds.

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    Probably more likely to get it after the cycle, during pct than you are during your cycle but like the others said, everyone is different. I for one didn't break out once until i hit pct, and now my back is so bad that i refuse to take my shirt off......its that nasty, not to scare you though!

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    Try burdock root available cheap at walmart or any health food store.

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    I hardly ever have this problem but try Physoderm (sp?) it's a antibacterial soap, used to use that as a kid and always cleared it right up!

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    Don't use oil based face wash... use a strong, water based (such as SALac); but be wary of accutane... some docs prescribe the stuff like candy for a sweettooth.

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    All people are different. Some of them will have terrible acne, some others will have no acne at all. The reason to have only 1 component during first cycle is understand how your body will react to test. Next time you will add 1 more stuff you will know how your body react to test so if you will have new side effects it will be from new stuff.

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