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    I wanna know the sides to HGH so I can grow taller

    I'm 21, and very short. I would like to know the sides of HGH. I would like to grow at least 4inchs to be happy, but anything about 1" is nice. What should I do?

    Any help, or direction to a forum that you know of will be great. HGH seems to be popular, and is hard to find this exact info

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    go to the hgh forum. As for getting taller its effective during your younger years . I believe It may do little but you need to get more expert opinion. How tall are you? Perhaps you may get a prescription but at 21 HGH is not to good as your own body produces it 1-2 ius daily. Ask Einstien he can give you better advice. By the way some of the greatest body builders are short like Lee Preist, Shawn Ray just to name a few. Hell my brother is 5'10" but I am only 5'6". Nothing I can do Except accept it & live. There is experimental stuff like streching / using specially made braces that are worn & daily they adjust the devices. Those have been used for special cases only.That takes time. Good luck. By the way Do not use any AAS your too young MAYBE you may still be able to grow some as Steroids may inhibit

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