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    Arrow Now quiet, but hope cycle soon

    Hello everybody:
    Now Im 158lbs. and 58", 24 years old. I trained for about 3 years, natural, and get some results. Ive been off for about a year or some because of work and studies. Now that I have some time for train and rest Im thinking about going back to workouts. Also wanna say that I have 21 amps of sust, 100 pills of 3mg anabolex(dianabol ) and 100ml of equipoise 50mg (that was all I can get in my country) waiting for being part of my first cycle.
    The bussines is that Ill train natural for about 3 months before start my cycle.
    It is gonna be some like this:
    Week 1 3 Sust and 450mg of boldenone
    Weeks 2-10 2 Sust and 300mg of boldenone
    The pills: 3.5 pills throught the day for about 4weeks(28days) to help in the beggining of the cycle. PCT with Clomid(also have on hand).
    I would appreciate any advice about this case. Thanx a lot.

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    i dont think that is enough mgs/day of dbol if you are going to take them.. just my opinion...

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    The pills are optional, Ill use that little amount of them, because of excesive bloating of dianabol , but also just for help at the beggining of the cycle with something kind of kick in before sust and boldenone works.
    Any other advices?

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    that little amount of dbol wont even kick in...M1t would be stronger!

    and you need to take dbols every 4 atleast make sure you have enough to do that...

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    boldenone is EQ isnt it? eq needs to be run for 12 weeks min

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