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    Arrow sus 250,win,dbol

    i have 10 sustanon 250s-------100 d bol----------42 20mg winny tabs how should i take it ??thanks looking to but a little size on and lean up some...

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    Feb 2002
    That shoud not be a prob.but how should i do them??

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    Run the dbol @ 30mg/day for weeks 1-4, sust @ 500mg/week weeks 1-10 and winstrol @ 40mg/day weeks 8-12. Also be sure to get some clomid for post cycle and an anti-estrogen (nolvadex , arimidex , liquidex).

    BTW....what are your stats (age, height, wieght, training experience) and goals. Trust me, this information is important.

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    Originally posted by sk*
    at least 40 more dbol
    Wow. I dont think he's gonna need that much, unless his tabs are 5mg.

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