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    Starting my 7th week of my cyle

    this will be the start of the 7th week of my cyle which 500mgs of test and 300mgs of deca week .When I started the cycle i was 189 and now im 204. im plan doing the cyclye for ten weeks, but ill stop the deca either week 8or9 not sure what im gonna do yet. I was wondering in the next couple of weeks how much more weight is it possible for me to gain? I can tell have gotten a little bigger, but i was hopeing for a little more weight again, but i will say that all my friends and people that know think i have gotten alot bigger, Actaully they ask me if im on anyhting , just say protien. but anyways i would like to here your thoughts about how much it is possible for me to gain.

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    hey mate

    well you're only on week 7 a lot of people make most gains in 8+, so you know there is a large possibility for more gains, i cant give a figure as it depends on training and diet

    17 wk cycle, hmmn nice

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    From a long time ago in a
    You have to give your body more fuel!! To make continuous gains, you must try to keep elevating your cals!

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