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    Liquid Clomid/Nolva

    I just got my liquid clomid and liquid nolva. It comes with an eye dropper with no markings. Whoever has taken liquid clomid before, how did you do it? Also, is there a specific time of day when im supposed to take it? Can clomid and nolva be taken at the same time? Thanks in advance.

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    measure it out with a syringe and pin bro.......

    just attach the pin to the syringe, and draw up whatever you need to take every day(.5cc,1.0cc, etc).
    i'm assuming that your clomid is 50mg/cc, and the nolva is probably 20mg/cc.

    clomid and nolva can be taken at the same time, its a great pct combo, and its becoming more popular to do this.

    peace I4L

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