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    deca and dostinex?

    ok, first of all i cannot decide what to stack with test cyp and dbols... deca or eq?
    im gettin mad tryin to find out the best stack! i want to put mass on my legs and compensate that funny lookin i have now (too big in the upper body... or too small in the lower part)!!!!
    heard eq --> less gains but more quality!
    deca--> good for mass and great stack with dbols and test!
    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????
    anyway... dostinex during cycle will help with deca shutdown and to recover quickly?
    i can have it for free when i have to pay for b6!!! lol

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    Dostinex won't do anything for shutdown, anti prolactin yes, shutdown no.
    Doesn't matter what cycle you do your going to be shutdown, run test longer and higher dose than deca and you will be fine.

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