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    MODS if this post isn't OK delete and PM me

    I live in Salt Lake City and have a LOT to do with the winter games. I also have a LOT to do with a chain of retail stores that sell olympic merchandise. This merchandise is going for big bucks on ebay, and in my stores. I wanted to ask everyone if they would be interested in picking up anything before the olypics get over. Many of the members and MODS from this board have been extremely professional and helped me a lot. I thought I'd return the favor.

    I would be willing to sell any of my remaining merchandise at a very very small markup and shipping charge. I'm talking something like a 5% markup. I would encourage anyone to shop the internet for this same merchandise and see that I am truly just trying to return a favor. A lot of what I had is already sold out, and I am expected to be just a pin store by the time it is over, but I can also order things for 50%-70% less than retail price.

    Or, if the MODS/Owners of this board would like I would also be willing to pass on the merchandise at my cost with no markup for the members of this board, for some type of insentive that is related to the board or supplements or trades for other types of "gear."

    Some of the merchandise I still have: Pins, mugs, shot cups, snoglobes, coffee table books, flags, clothing, childrens clothing, and much more.

    I would also be willing to scan and send my invoice to any of the people that run the board. I am not trying to make a buck. I've already done very well for myself. Like I said before, for a small incentive or trade from anyone, I will ship merchandise.

    I am just trying to return the kidness and time that have been offered to me(and maybe get my hands on some good "supplements.") I feel that this is a win/win situation for anyone interested in Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Merchandise.

    If this is not OK or if I should not have posted this please accept my appologies. I have been thinking about this for months - I have been open for business for the last three years - , and I figured that since the games are almost over I might as well post this now.

    BTW - I am perfectly happy shipping a few items to anyone and then accepting the money sent by western union after the merchandise has been recieved. I'll assume all the risk!!! And, because this merchandise is in such high demand. Until the Olypics are over I would have to make a limited amount of merchandise available. So it would be a first come first serve basis. After the games I could allow whatever (if any) merchandise I had left to be sold under or at my cost with no limit.

    Thanks for your time and again I am not looking to profit. I would prefer to trade!!!

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    Don't know if this will fly here but it is a kind gesture.

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    Hmm kind offer but to trade for gear is like asking for a source I,ll leave it up and see what the other mods say

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    its a nice post, but trading for gear might be iffy

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    I don't think that the gear idea will pass at all man.

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    Trading for gear looks suspicious to me.

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    Just wondering, how does a 21 year old college student have ALOT to do with the Olympics, and ALOT to do with his stores?

    Looks real fishy bro, real fishy.

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    Because I am a 22 year old colledge student, with one semester left until I graduate with a B.S. in Business Marketing and Management, who has the entire month of Feb. off for the games. I started an internship with the company that I work for this summer, and that turned into a management position for games time.

    Also, I said that I would ship first, and only to those that I felt comfortable with.
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    Thanks for the offer, but I won't buy anything olympic without a maple leaf on it.

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    Those caps are sexy man. I would get all the chicks with them. Check your pm dood.

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