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Thread: Andriol

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    Hi i was wondering if any one could tell me how good of a anabolic , andriol is , i understand it is a tag and wont have the same effects as injectable steroids , but its a testorone so i was wondering if it would be better then a steroid such as dianabol , cheers

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    no it would not. andriol is very expensive and is not justified in the amount gains you get.

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    It's a VERY WEAK compound........ It's nothing like Anadrol ....... Don't waste your money

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    Ive took it before and I could hardly tell I was taking it.

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    if you do decide to take it take a least 10 caps per day and stack with deca or something.
    the key is to take every 3 hours.

    Most people dont get good gains because you have to be so anal about it.
    A buudy just got done with 9-10 caps a day and 300 mg a week of deca and put on 25 pounds bro
    all clean rock hard muscle because of the dht.

    it doesnt really feel like that good ol test feeling for long and is very expensive unless you have a gyno situation better off running enanthate

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