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Thread: few questions

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    few questions

    yall, don't blast me here. I am well aware that I am going against convention.
    First, does 6 OXO perform well as an anti-estrogen?
    Second, I just finished a cycle of d300 and test enanthate 250. My test levels did not exceed my deca levels so my gains were pathetic (5 lbs. of good keepable muscle). The cycle lasted 5 weeks and I took my last shot last night. My tits don't feel 'bitchie' but my libido is a vague memory.
    The question is this, a guy at work is hooking me up with D-bol for free and I am getting another 10ccof test next week. How much **** will I be in if I shoot 500 a week (for 5 weeks), and take the d-bol for four.

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    Sounds like you jumped into to this way to early. You need alot more research. If you don't get proper PCT you can say bye to those five pounds and probably bye to a few more while your at it.

    First, dont take 6-oxo as an anti E. If youre source doesn't have Nolva then find a research company thats sells Nolvadex (not that hard to do) get some Ldex from them also.

    Get some more Test E quick and take at 400 to 500mg a week for at least 3 to 5 more weeks, especially until you get your PCT stuff (clomid or nolva, and Ldex). If you stop the Deca you should be fine, but most people don't start seeing results from it until after week five bro, so if you stop its a waste.

    Run Test at least one week longer than Deca and start PCT 2 weeks after your last shot of Test. Research PCT and you'll find proper dosages and the like.

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    I wish you would have done more research on here before you started your cycle.

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