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    Blood vessels in the glute

    I didn't want to bump an old thread but I was reading one where a guy said he injected in to his glute and when he aspirated blood came back in to the needle. I never seen blood aspirating when shooting in my glute. As a matter of fact I have accidentally injected without aspirating, not on purpose but just wasn't thinking.

    So has anyone ever seen blood when they aspirated injecting in to the glute?

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    Never have seen blood during aspiration. However, sometimes I do see a drop in the chamber. Thats simply from nicking a vein on the way out. And I shoot glutes ALL the time. I did this am though lose some test after I was done (it kind of ran out). Buit other then that, no worries for me (knock on wood)

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    i never aspirate when shooting in glutes and never had a problem,

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    I shoot in my glutes every week because of HRT and I've never hit a vein (and I aspirate every time).

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    I aspirate when I hit the glutes as well. I have yet to draw any blood though.

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    From what I recall (from nerve and circulatory system diagrams) the glute's are the safest to inject, there's only one blood vessel and it's really low (around where your ass meets your hams) this is just from memory though - don't quote me..heh

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