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    Red face Gyno already??? Need some advice.

    Hi, I am writting this because I am a little worried and would like some advice from more experience roid users. I have started my first cycle last week, using very mild steroids (just stanozolol ) and I will write you my cycle so you can see what I am doing:

    Week #1 20 mg/day
    Week #2 40 mg/day
    Week #3 60 mg/day / 10 mg/Tamoxifen
    Week #4 50 mg/day / 10 mg/Tamoxifen
    Week #5 40 mg/day / 10 mg/Tamoxifen
    Week #6 30 mg/day / 10 mg/Tamoxifen
    Week #7 20 mg/day / 10 mg/Tamoxifen
    Week #8 10 mg/day / 10 mg/Tamoxifen

    The problem is that my left niple is starting to feel a little sore, and I was wondering if this is normal or I am begining to get gyno. If this is the case what should I do??? Tomorrow I am suposed to start week #2, but taking only 20 mg/day of stanozolol what can I expect if I increase the dose????. Any feedback will be apreciated. Thanks.

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    It can't be gyno.

    Bro, from my understanding, you can't get gyno from winny...Winstrol has low androgenic effects therefore, gyno IMO is not possible...But if you are worried, run arimadex with your Winny...If it eases your mind that is...But if you already have gyno, I don't think there is anything that can get rid of what you already have...

    Also, you don't need t mess with your dosage o winny...Keep it at 50 mg a day, to notice any effect, anything lowere IMO you are wasting it....Take your milk thistle (If the winny is oral) for liver protection...Split the winny intake if its oral...good luck
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    First of all thanks for the quick response...but What can be the sore in my left niple???? got any clue???

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